BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
openstack/2.8OpenDev Migration PatchOpenDev Sysadmins5 months
openstack/2.8.3OpenDev Migration PatchOpenDev Sysadmins5 months
openstack/2.8.4OpenDev Migration PatchOpenDev Sysadmins5 months
openstack/2.9.4OpenDev Migration PatchOpenDev Sysadmins5 months
port-222OpenDev Migration PatchOpenDev Sysadmins5 months
upstream/masterMerge "Fix the topic color and also the input width, confirm actions for edit...Tao Zhou8 hours
upstream/stable-2.13Fix screens inherited from PaginatedProjectScreenDavid Ostrovsky11 days
upstream/stable-2.14Merge branch 'stable-2.14' into stable-2.15David Pursehouse2 months
upstream/stable-2.16Update git submodulesDavid Pursehouse16 hours
upstream/stable-3.0Update git submodulesMarco Miller5 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  gerrit-3.0.2.tar.gz  gerrit-3.0.2.tar.bz2  David Pursehouse2 weeks  gerrit-  gerrit-  David Pursehouse3 weeks  gerrit-2.16.11.tar.gz  gerrit-2.16.11.tar.bz2  Luca Milanesio3 weeks  gerrit-2.15.16.tar.gz  gerrit-2.15.16.tar.bz2  David Pursehouse3 weeks  gerrit-2.15.15.tar.gz  gerrit-2.15.15.tar.bz2  David Pursehouse8 weeks  gerrit-2.16.10.tar.gz  gerrit-2.16.10.tar.bz2  Luca Milanesio2 months  gerrit-3.0.1.tar.gz  gerrit-3.0.1.tar.bz2  David Pursehouse3 months  gerrit-2.16.9.tar.gz  gerrit-2.16.9.tar.bz2  Luca Milanesio3 months  gerrit-2.15.14.tar.gz  gerrit-2.15.14.tar.bz2  David Pursehouse3 months  gerrit-3.0.0.tar.gz  gerrit-3.0.0.tar.bz2  David Pursehouse4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-04-19OpenDev Migration PatchHEADmasterOpenDev Sysadmins1-1/+1
2012-01-06Hack out some CLA bits.James E. Blair2-7/+2
2011-12-21Add gitreview file.Monty Taylor1-0/+4
2011-11-08Merge "Add owner username to gerrit query command."Jenkins2-0/+2
2011-11-08Add owner username to gerrit query command.James E. Blair2-0/+2
2011-11-08Reject commit subjects over 50 characters.Monty Taylor7-2/+52
2011-07-22Add OpenID SSO support. Configuring OPENID_SSO in gerrit.configJames E. Blair8-0/+132
2011-06-07Draft release notes for 2.2.1v2.2.1Shawn O. Pearce2-0/+80
2011-06-07Merge branch 'stable'Shawn O. Pearce9-21/+82
2011-06-07Correct usage of @Nullable annotation in EventFactoryShawn O. Pearce1-1/+2

This mirror site include all the OpenStack related repositories under: openstack, openstack-dev and openstack-infra.

NOTE: All repositories are updated every one hour.


For Git Clone
 git clone 
For DevStack

Add GIT_BASE, NOVNC_REPO and SPICE_REPO variables to local.conf file.


# use TryStack git mirror