Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Get rid of iteritems in favor of itemsHEADmasterAdrian Turjak2019-01-172-7/+7
* Drop nose dependenciesAkihiro Motoki2018-08-173-14/+2
* Merge "Fixes to match Horizon Rocky"Zuul2018-05-036-31/+18
| * Fixes to match Horizon RockyAdrian Turjak2018-05-026-31/+18
* | Merge "Fix key error with unknown service in size"Zuul2018-05-021-0/+2
|\ \
| * | Fix key error with unknown service in sizeAdrian Turjak2018-05-021-0/+2
| |/
* | Merge "Fix horizon install"Zuul2018-05-012-4/+7
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Fix horizon installAndreas Jaeger2018-03-232-4/+7
* | rename project users internal column nameAdrian Turjak2018-03-271-4/+4
* Set up .gitreviewAndreas Jaeger2018-03-231-3/+2
* Remove useless manifest fileAdrian Turjak2018-02-151-9/+0
* Use include_usage param in adjutant quota get viewAdrian Turjak2018-02-141-6/+6
* Clean up service and role translationsAdrian Turjak2018-02-1316-548/+298
* rename request date for notifications correctlyAdrian Turjak2018-02-131-1/+1
* Add Notification PanelAmelia Cordwell2018-02-1312-4/+464
* fix a divide by zero bugAdrian Turjak2018-01-241-2/+2
* "Management" had a spelling error, this commit adds the missing character.Jonathan Herlin2017-11-301-1/+1
* quota panel fixesAdrian Turjak2017-09-144-3/+8
* Quota Update PanelAmelia Cordwell2017-09-1214-2/+857
* Logout_status instead of logout_reason_classstable/pikeAmelia Cordwell2017-09-071-1/+1
* Fixes for Django 1.10 compatabililtyAmelia Cordwell2017-09-0712-32/+41
* Fix a template rename issue with signup templatesadrian-turjak2017-05-312-2/+2
* Remove Catalyst specific line from templates.adrian-turjak2017-05-312-4/+0
* Adding comment to readme about USERNAME_IS_EMAILadrian-turjak2017-05-301-3/+8
* Signup PanelAmelia Cordwell2017-05-2521-8/+357
* Rename panel to Admin Tasksadrian-turjak2017-05-243-3/+3
* Approval should warn with a pop-upadrian-turjak2017-05-241-0/+2
* Added Reissue token and Rerun Validation actionAmelia Cordwell2017-05-242-6/+90
* Actions in detail view not working when approvedadrian-turjak2017-05-241-1/+4
* Panel and Token Handler for update emailAmelia Cordwell2017-05-2412-3/+223
* Fixing gitreview repo locationadrian-turjak2017-05-221-1/+1
* Renaming StackTask to Adjutantadrian-turjak2017-05-1790-125/+125
* Update paths and add keystone_policy.json locationJonathan Herlin2017-05-161-2/+2
* Task List PanelAmelia Cordwell2017-05-1618-0/+762
* Add support for USERNAME_IS_EMAILadrian-turjak2017-04-287-13/+73
* Reorganising enabled filesadrian-turjak2017-04-124-0/+0
* Initial code base for StackTask UIadrian-turjak2017-04-0683-0/+4073
* Initial empty repositoryMichael Richardson2017-02-200-0/+0

This mirror site include all the OpenStack related repositories under: openstack, openstack-dev and openstack-infra.

NOTE: All repositories are updated every one hour.


For Git Clone
 git clone 
For DevStack

Add GIT_BASE, NOVNC_REPO and SPICE_REPO variables to local.conf file.


# use TryStack git mirror